Vastu Vigyan

Vastu shastra consists of 5 elements i.e. earth, water, air, fire and space. Vastu shastra helps us to utilize these elements on the basis of the horoscope and is capable to diversify our destiny towards prosperous and peaceful life. One must take Vastu advice for residential, commercial and industrial premises. One must consult before purchase / shift of any new / old home, factories, land mainly to avoid any mishappening and miseries. Vastu vigyan analysis and scans to unearth the root of a problem. Vastu shastra helps us in reducing the obstacles in a natural way. With the help of Vastu our energy multiplies, efficiency generates and the success rate accelerates to full force giving maximum benefit and advantage. Even interior decoration of your home/ or work place if are in proper orientation, as per Vastu, you get lifetime happiness.

Now the question arises that can all the problems be solved can it be cured completely? The answer is YES we can minimize your problem and control them with the help of Spiritual Tantra Power and specific result oriented remedies.

Acharya Anil Vats is perfect choice, the believer of the astrological science , you can feel yourself the best result when you approach a right person. There are less people who have the best knowledge and experience about this field, claimant are more result oriented are less, you have to make the right choice and don’t move for cheaper advice ,get to a person who can rightly scan and diagnoses your Vastu problem to the root and let you feel the result. Vastu problems can be solved without any destruction of the structure by various other methods, i.e., Vastu- Tantra, Herbal Therapy, Feng Shui, Pyramid and Crystal Therapy or some other therapy as suited best to the individual. It’s a guide to stay harmoniously with the nature incorporating five essential elements of nature, i.e., air, fire, earth, space and water. Vastu plays a mediator between the astro-physical and our physical body, i.e., the planets and the individual. As these five elements have appropriate place in our body, Vastu coordinates our body system, work harmoniously with the nature planetary system.

"Help Yourself with "Vastu Vigyan" and get quick relief"
Consultancy Fees for Vastu guidance

For India:
    INR 5100 (Starting rate)

Payment Option:
Payment should be in favor of :
A/C Name      :   Anil Kumar Sharma
A/C No.          :   022505001196
Account with  :  ICICI Bank Limited., Lajpat Nagar Branch., New Delhi

A/C Name      : Bhavishya Kathan
A/CNo.          : 910020017871626
Account with  : AXIS Bank Limited. Lajpat Nagar Branch, New Delhi.

Please Fax Your Bank Receipt on011 – 25126383, 25146377.
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