Acharya Anil Vats is well known expert in palmistry (Palm Reading). The science of palm reading has been prevailing in the world since time immemorial. The palmistry says the exact character of the human being. It also says you the depth of your wealth, potentiality of health, career and business, love and marital life as well as your intellectuality. Palm reading reveals your disease and life span. This unique science of palmistry particularly originated in India and spread all over the world. The science of hand reading fascinates everybody. This science can easily increase your social circle if you know this scientifically. Palm reading can recognize anyone very easily if the person belongs to rich or poor, labor or intellectual class, soft or harsh spoken. So to speak, a successful palm reader is able to understand the mentality and heart of any person.

The amazing science of hand reading can easily predict the suicidal tendency of any unknown human being. Palmistry is the art and science of self-discovery fundamental to Vedic palmistry is that as we continuously change and evolve, so do the hand lines on our palms. By studying both hands – the non-dominant hand (past) and dominant hand (present) – we can recognize the traceable link between our past behavioral patterns and our present personality, thoughts and experiences. With this understanding, we can shape our future in a constructive, fulfilling way, making positive choices regarding our work, our dealings with people around us, and many other important aspects of life.

Acharya Anil Vats has studied Vedic palmistry (Palm Reading) known as Hast Jyotish, traces its roots back to Vedic Astrology, its sister science.  We also offer Online Palmistry Courses and the opportunity to learn palm reading at our Health Retreat.

Consultancy Fees for Palmistry
For India:
    INR 2100 (Solution Charges Extra)
For outside India:
    USD 500 (Solution Charges Extra)

Payment Option:

Payment should be in favor of :
A/C Name      :   Anil Kumar Sharma
A/C No.          :   022505001196
Account with  :  ICICI Bank Limited., Lajpat Nagar Branch., New Delhi


A/C Name      : Bhavishya Kathan
A/CNo.          : 910020017871626
Account with  : AXIS Bank Limited. Lajpat Nagar Branch, New Delhi.

Please Fax Your Bank Receipt on011 – 25126383, 25146377.

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