Aacharya Anil Vats has been dealing with the science of Gemology over the past 30 years and their influence and importance is very well known all over the world for their magnificent beauty and value. Not only do they add a beauty and charm into a person’s personality, but also may play a very significant role in shaping the present and future. They have a great importance in Vedic Astrology or the Science of Lights. It is now very well known that the light is composed of seven different rays, that is, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. These rays are also a constituent of the pretty rainbow.

According to the ancient Indian text, the “Karam Puran” is to be taken into account, then the seven planets are considered to be condensation of the above mentioned seven different colored cosmic rays. The planet Earth was supposed to have on it the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays in the form of natural gem stones found on it. These gem stone s are present in a large variety and are believed to attract rays of different kinds towards them. This property of the gems makes them an ideal method to be used for reducing the sufferings that are led by miss-positioned planets in a person’s birth chart. Here, at Bhavishya Kathan we teach how gemology helps in influencing one’s life in a positive way.

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