• Horoscope and Astrology guru Acharya Anil Vats offer a full range of horoscopes - Zodiac and Personalized Daily.
  • Horoscopes : Weekly, Monthly & Yearly
  • Horoscopes : Personalized Reports & more than 200,000 Celebrity Horoscopes. Personalized Astrology Guidance from Acharya Anil Vats very own Ganesha Speaks Team is available in all important areas of life i.e. Career, Business, Money, Love, Education, Property and Personal Matters.

Acharya Anil Vats has more than 3 decades of experience in Horoscope and Astrology.
There are three main sub-divisions of astrology.

Samhita: This deals with collectivity or multitudes. It encompasses such varied areas as weather forecasts, agricultural produce, natural disasters, floods, famines, wars, earthquakes, cyclones, marker trends changes in government, national and international events, and virtually anything that influences the masses. The annual world predictions which are generally based either on the Hindu New Year commencing on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, or on the Solar Ingress into Mesha, fall under the Samhita astrology.

Siddhanta or Tantra or Ganita: This deals with the mathematical aspects of astrology. There are several treatises on Siddhanta astrology but five, among them, are considered as particularly important. They are :

  • Surya Siddhanta
  • Paulisha Siddhantra
  • Romaka (or Lomasha) Siddhanta
  • Vasishtha Siddhanta
  • Paitamaha Siddhanta

Hora: It deals with:

  • Individual horoscopes, or Jataka, or natal charts.
  • Muhurta or electional astrology, which concerns itself with the election of favourable planetary dispositions to achieve specific accomplishments in day-to-day life.

Consultancy Fees for Astrology
      INR 2100 (Solution Charges Extra)

Package for Outside India :

      USD 1100

Package includes given services

  • Analysis of Horoscope
  • Chanting Mantras
  • Providing Yantras (if needed)
  • Including all remedial solutions
  • Shipping charges extra in case of sending remedial solutions.

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